Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ellen Contiuned....

I need to finish my story on Ellen:

So Katie and I work for a few days on introducing Ellen to our dogs. We get to the point where they can even all be in the same area without any problems. Life is good. One evening after work, Katie and I decide to enjoy the weather by grilling and eating outside. All three dogs are playing in the backyard together, the food is on the table, and we are feeling good about things. Katie runs into the house to grab some salad dressing as I sit down with my backs to the dogs. Literally within the first second I sat down I heard snarling and growling. I fly around to discover my two dogs having cornered Ellen. They have her backed against the fence and look like they are about to pounce on her at any second. Without thinking, I run over to them just as they begin to thrash and roll around. I grab Moose by his scruff to pull him out of the fight. As I move to grab Moose, Ellen latches onto my thigh. She bites down hard and holds it as she stares right into my face. I really don't think she ment to bite me but just bit whatever came at her which foolishly was my exposed leg. By this time Katie has come out of the house and is about as horrified as I am. After a few seconds, Ellen lets go of my leg and we grab our dogs and put them inside the house. I'm prety shocked and am hoping around as blood starts dripping from my leg.

To make a long story short, I ended up going to the doctor's office the next day to get the wound cleaned out. The doc also recommended that I take some antibiotics and get a tetnus shot.

I'll add the pics of my leg later tonight.

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