Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Ellen" the golden retriever

On August 16, 2008 we got a new dog from the Minneapolis Animal Control named Ellen. I immediately object to her name thinking that we are already hyping up the lesbian stereotype by having and fostering large dogs...we don't need one of them named after one of the most famous lesbians of our time. We can't think of anything better to call her so we keep her name.

Ellen is a golden retriever mix. She's very beautiful and very timid. Shannon tells us that she thinks Ellen had a pretty hard life and was likely abused by her previous owners. Katie and I decide to introduce our dogs to Ellen in the backyard. Within two seconds, Emma (our female dog) must have sensed that Ellen was nervous and basically tackles her to the ground in a mess of snarls and teeth. Sometimes Emma acts like a middle-school girl when it comes to female dogs. She gets along great with most dogs but if the other dog is a shy, female dog that is close to her in size, Emma pummels the shit out of the poor dog. 

Well great, Ellen is already afraid and suspicious and then we give her a great welcome home. Katie and I devise a plan to keep Moose and Emma away from Ellen so she can adjust to the house. For the next few days we never let the dogs meet eachother except when we go on walks in the evening. Everything is going really well. Sure it's a pain to keep the dogs apart but it seems to be paying off.

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